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What $15 Buys You at Hong Kong’s Street Food Island | Cheung Chau Vlog

What $15 Buys You at Hong Kong’s Street Food Island | Cheung Chau Vlog

Okay, here we go! Whoa! I have been in Hong Kong for… 4 years and then I moved to Japan for 3 and then I came back for about 3 years so SEVEN years total and I have never been to Cheung Chau! But I have heard the tales of street food .

.. [It’s the jumbo fish ball!] [I see the potato!] … and pirates and people climbing mountains of buns … … and floating children parades … It sounds like I’m making that up, but I’m not! It’s an interesting place! And you’re going! I’m going! We’re all going! We’re going to experience this together Let’s get on the ferry! Cheung Chau is an island 10km southwest of Hong Kong Island Its name translates to Long Island but it’s also nicknamed Dumbbell Island because of its shape You can only get there by sea so we took the ferry from Central So the ticket was 24HKD (3.

19USD) We got the faster ferry, it takes 35-40 minutes to get there and it’s really comfortable! Like the seats are nice and plush We’ve got a TV in the front I’ve got a view of a guy reading an interesting newspaper article.

.. Then you have the harbour, of course We’re going to pass the skyline, it’s going to be really beautiful so there’s a lot to look at along the way Colourful! My first impression is colourful and a lot of bikes The reason why there are so many bikes here is because cars are actually not allowed anywhere on this island so you can either walk, or you can take a bike or you can take this sort of rickshaw-looking thing which I think we’re going to try a little later! The island is broken up into two main sections You have the south and the north We’re going to start out at the south this morning The north has a—*bike bell* Whoa.

.. I’m gonna get run over So we’re going to hit up the south Hit up two spots that I really want to check out and then we’re going to head to the north *Bike bell* I wonder who will get run over today I have a feeling one of us.

.. We’re both filming and focused on our subjects I’ve been here 15 minutes and I’ve almost gotten run over 3 times [What are you doing?] I’m trying to shoot this scene without the fence I think it looks nice [(laughing) Okay?] Got the houses and the palm trees and.

.. something back there [I thought the fence looked pretty nice] Oh… It’s like those videos where the same… model Different photographer, same model [Hey~ Hello!] Hello! As I was filming the flowers, I was approached by this man that was doing his morning stretches nearby and it seemed like he really wanted to show me something So I followed him I couldn’t understand him so I asked him if he could speak .

.. (in Cantonese) [Do you speak … Chi… nese?] (in Cantonese) [Do you speak …] (Eng) Chinese? I know that jing1 man4*2 means English I just crumbled on the spot Turns out he wanted to show me this lizard on the tree and I got to talking to him and asking him if he has been in Cheung Chau for a long time and he said he had lived there all of his life (Cantonese) [I grew up here all along] [- Were you happy? – Yeah] (Eng) He actually witnessed the Japanese invasion during World War II which was from 1941 to 1945 At that time, his family lived on a boat in the sea and they had to be very careful of the air raids that were being done on the Japanese ships that were parked there (Cantonese) [My older brother taught me to watch what was happening] [I was about 4 or 5 at the time] (Eng) Since then, he has retired, he’s moved into a village house and life is much more relaxing, he said he likes to .

.. (Cantonese) [I don’t do much, really] [I stand around, walk around…] [- And watch lizards?] [-Yeah, today there’s a lizard over there] (Eng) I couldn’t help but notice a lot of the population there is older but they’re very strong and healthy You see them stretching, walking, riding bikes, lifting things .

.. Later on in the day, I actually started talking to someone about this and she thinks that it’s not due to their diet being much healthier in general She thinks it’s due to their exercise So since no cars are allowed on the island Everyone walks and rides bikes because they have no other choice In fact, studies show that elderly who exercise for three hours per week end up living five years longer than those who don’t Hong Kong topped the annual longevity list this year They have for the past three years People think this is because of lower smoking rates .

.. a sub-tropical climate, a diet higher in seafood close family ties and a lot of walking We’ve now come to Cheung Po Tsai Cave and legend has it, he was one of the most fierce pirates in Asia He actually inspired the Pirates of the Caribbean character, Sao Feng He’s known to have hidden his treasures amongst Hong Kong’s islands and this was one of his favourite spots I don’t know if it’s actually his favourite but .

.. [Hi, guys! Today, I’m going to show you my favourite spot …] We’re joining this crew Wah, so narrow! (Man laughs) It’s really dark [Man: Okay!] (in Cantonese) Careful! Careful! (Eng) Thank you! [Man: Step here.

.. then there’s a ladder here!] Oh, my goodness! Oh, this looks like a concert! [Woman: Okay???] Yeah, we’re good! Is there any sign of treasure? Oh, maybe don’t walk on that… Waaah, this is cool It’s so tight in here It’s definitely not for the claustrophobic I found something! (whispering) What’s that mean?? Look at this! It’s so small! Oh, thank you! Thank you! Okay! Whew! Oh! I made it! Thank you! Oh.

.. [Watch your head!] Oh, okay, I’ll just slide [Okay~] Today, I learned that cave exploring is not for me Not for me … (laughing) Alright, good work team! It sounds so nice right now Like, the water, the birds chirping, it’s quite peaceful here and there’s, like, nobody in sight We’ve come to our lunch spot, it’s called Si Dan which translates to, like, “Whatever!” I heard it’s pretty good, though Hopefully the food is not ‘whatever’ [Slow-cooked.

.. Canadian… Moisturized…] It’s literally me right now First, we have the truffle scrambled egg on hash brown It’s creamy, delicate, soft … It’s got the truffle flavour and crispy hashbrown… I have to say, during COVID I’ve become a potato and egg connoisseur I’ve made so many in my kitchen so this is, like, the match made in heaven for me Great! One of the most popular shops on this island is Island Workbench They feature a lot of Hong Kong artists and some products are actually made here in Cheung Chau by Cheung Chau artists (in Cantonese) [Our fishnet bags are very special] [They are made by retired fishermen of Cheung Chau] [They weave it like this] [This is completely handcrafted] [There is water inside this one] [This one is made out of plastic] [So it’s more brittle and unshapely] [We’ve altered the mechanics] [and made changes for its weaknesses] [We’ve also changed the materials, it’s made of cotton string] [So it is environmentally-friendly] [The knots used in fishing nets become tighter the more they are pulled on] [Our designers wanted to keep the craft of fishnet-weaving alive] (Eng) It’s coffee time We’re going to Valor Coffee They have some very nice, delicious but also Instagram-able coffee They’re famous for this one inside of a coconut so that’s the one that I’m going to give a try *Bike bell* Oooh Okay! Let’s go in! (laughing) Ah! Your coconut one is sold out! Oh, no! Which one would you recommend? [Honey lemon or Pineapple] I went for their pineapple coffee It’s served in a copper pineapple and I think there is pineapple juice inside Yeah, there is a little bit of pineapple juice inside! It’s really nice! Mmm! There’s no milk or anything but it’s.

.. It gives the coffee a little bit more of a fruity flavour It officially feels like I’m on vacation Can I get the mango mochi, please? [One?] Just one, please! Thank you! Thank you! Wowww So, this right here is Cheung Chau’s famous mango mochi It’s about double the size of a regular mochi so it’s quite large Oh, my gosh.

.. Okay Mmm, the skin is super thin and delicate and soft and then there’s the big, thick, sweet piece of mango inside So nice! I found a frozen watermelon slice as big as my head and I had to try it It tastes like a watermelon! .

.. … that’s been frozen. [Thank you] It’s not that sweet, though, I think it’s off season Cheung Chau is known for its fishing and its fresh seafood so a lot of fishermen will bring in their catch of the day and you can buy it straight off the boat and come to these restaurants and they’ll cook it for you Or you can also just buy the seafood from these restaurants It’s also very fresh But, yeah, a lot of people come here to eat seafood This is really interesting, it’s all individual glass and ceramic cut-outs It’s really detailed and I don’t think I’ve seen this type of thing before Now, we’ve come to the area where the climbing competition takes place for the bun festival Unfortunately, they’re not doing it this year They haven’t done it for the past couple years But, yeah, this is where it would be held Hopefully, in the near future, it’ll happen again Behind me is Kwok Kam Kee and they are the bakery responsible for making all of the buns for the festival They actually have to make *60,000 of them! Basically, what it is is a cold bun made out of wheat and it has a sweet filling on the inside They are a symbol of peace so that word is the one that is stamped on top of the bun It’s the jumbo fishball! They have the jumbo fishballs! This is an iconic Hong Kong snack, it’s a fishball Cheung Chau does them extra large and this is the spicy one! So I broke it a little to let some heat escape And then.

.. I can go in… It’s okay! The spice is not too strong Definitely bouncy, a little bit sweet almost, the fish meat It’s really nice! Woo! Juicy! Wow! Oh, it’s more like a… like a chip! It’s really crispy [Mhmm?] Yeah, I thought it would be more soft like a potato but it’s like a chip [No, it’s, yeah—crisps!] Okay The last time I rode a bike, I fell off When I was.

.. 13, 14? And then I never got back on [It’s been that long?] Yeah, it’s been that long [I’m not sitting in the back] (laughing) It’s a tricycle! Oh, yep, the brakes work… Okay, here we go… Whoa! Aahhh *nervous laughter* Can I turn? Aaaahhhh *nervous noises* [Alright.

..] Wanna ride? [Creep!] Hop in! [There’s a passenger in the back already] That’s my audience! We’re merging, we’re merging! Oh, we have a bell! Woo! We have a bell! Whenever I see someone and I look at them then I go into them Don’t look! Don’t look at them, look straight, look straight (singing) Look straight~ Oh, gosh Signal *whooshing noises* *panicked noises* [Oh, gosh] [Oh, my gosh!] [I can’t even capture how chaotic this is.

..] *bell ringing* So that marks the end of our day trip to Cheung Chau! I really enjoyed it We ate a lot of great food In total, I think we spent about 100HKD which is under 10USD (*13USD) for all of those snacks, which were really tasty I love the colourful buildings I love the fact that cars aren’t allowed so you can walk, you can ride bikes and you can actually walk the whole island, it’s quite small so that’s pretty cool, how you can explore I love the way it feels very community.

.. like a big family Everyone’s a part of this community It’s really chill and… I really enjoyed the day! I hope you enjoyed watching and coming along with us I will catch you very soon with another video! Bye!


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