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What is HD Makeup | Malayalam Makeup Tutorial with Eng subtitles #HDMakeup #Makeup

What is HD Makeup | Malayalam Makeup Tutorial  with Eng subtitles #HDMakeup #Makeup

Hello everyone. Welcome back to yet another episode of Penazhuk. This is me Lekshmi here. Today I am here to talk about a topic which was a revolution in the Makeup field. Many have confusion on this topic.

Those who are interested to study makeup, they will call and first ask whether you are teaching HD makeup. Most of the artists who enquire about Bridal makeup ask whether we are doing HD makeup. What is this HD makeup? Many don’t know what it is,many know it wrongly, many have misunderstandings.

So what is High Definition Makeup or in short HD Makeup. Today I am here to eleborate on this HD makeup. Most of us have heard this term HD. We all know HD in camera.Isn’t it? What is HD in makeup? Most don’t know and most know and then abusing this term, HD Makeup.

But actually What is this High Definition Makeup. to see the skin Now lets say, 10 20 years back, the cameras we use the pixel quality was low. Ok? Low pixel quality means it won’t show the small aspects of our skin.

So it was blur. The camera didn’t havethe pixel quality to show small minute details. Likewise, colours also not clear. So if the makeup artist applies heavy makeup for celebrities, actresses and even for brides, the camera won’t show it.

It will be a blur. It will be ok for the camera. But when we see it directly it will be heavy and cakey. But in the camera, this cakiness it not shown because the camera doesn’t have that much pixel quality.

For that reason, we can mask out all the imperfections with all the pancake and other things. This is how we used to do makeup. If you go back to the 70s and 80s, you can refer to the camera work. We can find the difference in old actress’s makeup and today’s actress’s makeup, how much skin is can be seen, how much we can zoom in to see the skin.

You could understand it when you observe it by yourself. The makeup will be heavy but it won’t show it on camera. That is SD, Standard Definition Camera. Heavy Makeup at that time is alright but nowadays HD cameras revolutionalized.

Everybody has, right from phone to equipments for media, are high definition. Nobody needs anything without High Definition. Ok? What is this High Definition camera? Their colours and pixel quality is extraordinary.

The ability of today’s camera to show each pore to every imperfection even the skin’s dry patches. We are using sophisticated, camera technology and at the same time lighting systems. Right from lights to dark, exposure levels.

Today there are many using behind the camera in different ways. Likewise, apart from imperfections if you do your makeup heavy, it will show on the camera. For those who are behind the scene, photographers, videographers, editors cannot present the heavy makeup to the audience without editing.

So, High Definition makeup on the skin should look like skin, at the same time should conceal the imperfections but it should not be heavy also. We call this methodology as High Definition. The process of layering the makeup little by little by little.

The methodology of layering the skin with makeup after understanding it is called High Definition Makeup. In short, when we do makeup don’t apply too much. Understand? It was exactly done in the past.

In High Definition, we don’t apply too much. We apply a little layer, then a layer and if needed layer a bit more. We increase the coverage little by little. Likewise, it should look like the skin without making it extraordinary matt and without making it glossy or chewy.

It should be like a satin finish. It should not be too oily and not too dry and matt. It should exactly look like skin. It should look like a good skin with natural shine and beauty. It should look exactly like that.

It should be light reflective. The makeup should be done in such a way that it should reflect the light. For that, you should study your skin. The makeup you are applying in quantity is never High Definition Makeup.

High Definition makeup always looks like your skin itself. Most of all like to know more about this High Definition makeup. Many others have questions on HD labeled products. Many ask me this question.

Should we use HD labeled products to do the HD makeup? In short, it is not necessary. They are labeling HD products because it has more light- reflective properties. When applied, they can exactly like the skin is labeled HD products.

But it is not necessary to use HD products for HD makeup. It is not like only if you buy HD products to do HD makeup. Understand? In HD labeled products, light- reflective properties are more. It won’t become cakey.

It will make the skin look like skin itself. Behind the scene like cameraman, when they do lighting it will bounce from the skin. For this concept of bouncing the light, they have included powdered Silicon.

Refined SIlicon is powdered and mixed. So when we apply it on our skin, it will reflect the light. That is why they have manufactured HD labeled products. If you use this it will become proper High Definition.

It is not necessary to use these products to do High Definition makeup. Those makeup done overly is not a High Definition makeup. High Definition makeup looks beautiful to see as well as on- camera too.

The skin should look like skin itself.It should be careful with it. Many ask me this question. Likewise, another question from this topic is, Whether airbrush makeup is HD makeup. What do you mean by Airbrush makeup? It won’t apply the makeup heavily.

What airbrush does is it will disperse each pigment molecule, that is, it will convert to very tiny molecules and form a light layer or feathery way that will disperse on the skin. We won’t start heavily.

We will layer by layer build- up so that we won’t make any mistake. As we mix a product, blend and apply it by hand. It is not easy to make a mistake in airbrush because we are not starting it heavily.

So it is easy to get HD makeup and its finishing. But for the airbrush, you will need an investment firstly, it is a little expensive. Secondly, it has its liquids and formulas. These can be only used through machines.

If you use any other products, the machine will clog and the machine will not last long. So that is another issue. Another important topic to be careful about in the airbrush is that it won’t suit every weather.

You have to be careful about that. You don’t need airbrush everytime for HD makeup. A good abled makeup artist can, after understanding the skin and formula, do HD makeup. But with the HD label, not everyone is following this method.

That you have to be careful about. So research as an artist, as an aspiring artist and as a consumer whether you are actually doing High definition makeup. I hope this informative video is helpful. I will see you next time with yet another helpful video for all of you.

This is me Lekshmi signing off. Bye-Bye


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