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Wheat Germ Oil USP Grade by Velona – 4 oz | 100% Pure and Natural Carrier Oil | Unrefined, Cold Pressed | Cooking, Face, Hair, Body & Skin Care | Use Today – Enjoy Result


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Product Description


100% Wheat Germ Oil is rich in both Vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids. This oil is cold pressed and processed to meet the demanding requirements of the personal care and food industry. It provides a great mixture of d-tocopherols and is complemented with an increased amount of essential fatty acids, making it ideal for many food and cosmetic application formulations.








Personal Care and Health Food Industry.

Status of Ingredient Statement:

Wheat Germ Oil is considered Vegan, Lactose Free, Glutamate Free, BSE Free.

Storage & Shelf Life:

Store at 65 – 75°F in a dry and odor-free environment. Best if used within 7 months from the date of manufacture in unopened containers.

Extraction method and processing type:

Derived from the germ of wheat. Cold pressed.

NON GMO! Made without pesticides, GMO’s, or hexane.



*Wheat Germ Oil may contain wheat protein. Wheat Germ Oil is derived from wheat, which contains gluten protein. After processing, this oil contains or may contain traces of gluten protein. However, the concentration is not determined. You can request Stored Products for more information.

A Great Face Cleanser. Wheat germ oil is a natural oil which helps in cleansing the face efficiently. It helps seal moisture back and also gets rid of excess sebum, which could lead to other skin problems like acne, pimples, etc. It does not clog pores as it is non-comedogenic.
Help with Skin Scars. Because of its high Vitamin E content, wheat germ oil helps in building collagen, the most abundantly found protein in the body that provides the skin its strength and structure. Vitamin A, D and fatty acids present in wheat germ oil help with cracked, scarred skin, giving it an even tone. It also provides natural hydration to the skin.
Hair Nourisher. Wheat germ oil is a useful ingredient for maintaining healthy hair. “It is rich in linoleic acid and acts as a hair nourisher. Use it in the ratio 10:1 with other carrier oils such as olive and sesame (10 parts carrier oil and 1 part wheat germ oil) and apply on the scalp. Leave it on for some time before rinsing the hair.
A few drops of the oil can be used on your skin or added to your face packs or masks. You can also take a few drops and message gently onto your face and let it rest. Those with oily skin condition must get in touch with a skin care expert before applying the oil


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