Home Makeup Tutorials Widow Von’Du’s Entrance Look | Makeup Tutorial | RuPaul’s Drag Race S12

Widow Von’Du’s Entrance Look | Makeup Tutorial | RuPaul’s Drag Race S12

Widow Von’Du’s Entrance Look | Makeup Tutorial | RuPaul’s Drag Race S12

– What up world, its me! Yes bitch she might be Widow Von’Du, from RuPauls Drag Race Season 12! And today I’m going to show you how to my entrance look. ‘Cause bitch that’s the first time you see me! (delicately laughs) Watch me go from all of this to this! My first step is always my eyebrows, because a bitch aint got none, and that is always my focal point.

I like to either draw my brows on to look like, I’m an angry bitch so you don’t talk to me, when I’m walking on the street trying to eat a sandwich, (comfortably giggles) or I paint them like, Yes bitch I’m having a good time! (agreeably laughs) The first step of any good eyebrow drawing for me, is shave those bastards off! I haven’t had eyebrows for four years, and it has definitely been a great decision.

I’m going to start where my brow bone is, or where it should be. One line first, so I can know where my start point is. And also pray to God that I don’t draw to high. Well bitch, close. Their like distant cousins one lives in Alabama, the other one lives in Upstate New York.

I can’t seem to put my eye makeup on, without having brows drawn on first. Someone was like “You should probably try, drawing your brows on first it might make, your eye makeup look better.” and I was like “Bitch my eye makeup don’t look good?” and so that’s how I just started drawing my brows on first.

They’ve always been thick they’ve always been black, they’re just like me. (joyously giggles) As a big girl who dances it was always complicated, to not like have the glue crack when I’m dancing, and when you start to sweat and all of a sudden, oh there’s my real brow showing.

I usually do have a full set of nails on, ’cause I do about six shows a week, and it’s just kind of a hassle, to glue on nails all the time. And when you’re doing flips and splits they pop off. At least with a full set of acrylics you know I’m good for, I’m good for awhile unless I get drunk, and I smash my hand on something.

And there’s one! (confidently laughs) There I think they’re on what y’all think? Now that our brows are on, it is time to put some highlight all through here, cause we’re going to start painting our eyes first.

And then everything else just fills in the blanks. Get whatever highlight you use, and just spread that shit all over. This is also my handy dandy trusty mirror, I’ve had this mirror for several years, it’s been with me ever since I was doing drag as a kid, when I was homeless, I would always paint my face in this mirror, it was the only thing that I had, painting my face next to street lights.

So I keep it as a reminder of where I’ve been, and that if I just keep looking, my future will always look back at me, and say bitch you’re ready! Widows drag exegetic I like to say, it’s a ratchet ass queen with a high class fashion.

Basically I like to wear all fancy, but talk like a common whore. (confidently laughs) This look kind of brings it all together for me, ’cause from here up it’s real classy, and then I’m wearing from the waist down, chaps and my ass is out.

(politely giggles) Now that we got out highlighter on, it is time to jump into some eyeshadow colors! So we’re going to take what I think this color is called, ‘Honey’ honey honey, and we’re going to put it right under here.

And then we’re going to blend it with my next color, and then some more colors and some glitter. The fastest I’ve ever put my makeup on, I put it on in twenty six minutes, the longest it’s ever taken me is actually this look.

When I first did it cause I woke up hella early, and I was like I’m going to take all the time, three and half hours I just sat there, and I was like I’m going to go real slow, make sure its perfect. My regular face takes probably like an hour to put on.

Cut off a lot of time when we don’t have eyebrows. Now that our highlight is on, our color right under our brow, it’s time to jump in to something a little more fancy. Now where the hell is my brush? Oh you’re going to hear that a lot through this video, “Where my brush at?” (Confidently laughs) Oh also I’m using purple cause I love this color, I’m using a light purple dark purple, and like a good ole lavender to blend it all together, and lots and lots of black.

Just being on the show actually my face has gotten better. Basically I went from using cheaper stuff, to using more high quality stuff and it feels like, my face feels a little bit better, my brows feel better the colors that I’m using, they feel more smooth now so I always say to everybody, invest in your craft bitch upgrade your stuff, don’t just keep using the same stuff, cause “its worked for 12 years” try something new.

I used about three colors three different purples. Always start with the medium one first, so I can get a good base on where how high, I can go with the next one, and how low not to go with third one.

Cause you don’t want your eyes to look, like they’re drooping you don’t want to look tired, or maybe you do bitch I don’t know, your life, look tired. I get my influence from like the Queens of Kansas City.

There is a Queen back home, named Mulan who’s also my husband, who taught me how to make my brows look better, taught me how to blend my colors better. We both been doing it about fourteen years, he made all of my costumes on the show, every single one of them! Even the ones that we had done for promos, for our Ruveal he’s done all of them.

And now moving on to our light purple, to blend it in to our highlight color ah. ‘Cause you do not want to look like an unblended bitch. Now it’s time to move to the dark purple, as soon as I find what the brush! I hope y’all like my painting smock, I got one of these in every color.

Off to the dark purple. I can definitely say since being on this show, my face has gotten a lot shinier, looking at some of the girls on the show, they were always so highlighted here, and all up here and I was like, well bitch I want to look like I’m shining in the dark! Like I want to walk in to a dark room, and bam! You know I’m there, Oh! Well my normal routine is I’m usually, listening to some music, smoking some cigarettes or something else ah, a little sspt every now and then, so my hands don’t feel so shaky when I’m doing it.

Right now we’re just, putting a little more of the highlighter on, so that we can fix up the crease. Bitch I might keep this face on and go out tipping! Go out and see some people, go to the grocery store.

“Can I get a pack of bread please?” Actually right before I came out here, I went to the grocery store by my house, ’cause I was trying to make spicy chicken sandwiches. And I was like I really don’t want to go, all the way to the house get out of drag, come back out in the cold and go to the damn store.

So we just drove by and I just got out, and ya know nobody looked at me weird, yeah they just all waved and told me I was pretty. And I was like well we are definitely living, in a different day and age cause I was expecting, somebody to call me out of my name, and I was going to have to use my man voice.

Now I’m not saying go to every grocery store, but there’s at least one in Kansas City, you can go to that no one will talk to you about. And we’re doing back to our brow color, mixed with a little highlight.

Our lid as they would say. And just like that ladies and gentlemen, them and they and all in between, the first part of my face is almost done! Oh bitch she looks pretty already! And she didn’t even did anything yet.

You gotta love yourself bitch! Now we’re going to move on, to one of my favorites parts of my face, putting on some highlight up here, and here and here and round here. I also don’t paint all the way down, because if you notice I have tattoos all over the place, and as much money and time and pain, that I went through you gon’ see these marks.

Oh she looks curious she looks curious girl! I think the way that I do my face, is a little different or weirder than most people, I feel like I do everything kind of like backwards. I don’t really get a chance to see, a lot of other people paint I paint at home, when I’m in Kansas City.

What’s my favorite word in this tutorial? Where the hell is my brush? Right now I am putting on my base. And I kind of just draw a bunch of lines, like I’m fingerpainting, this is the next step get your handy dandy sponge, and then just blend that bitch in.

And now is time to put the highlight on! I’ve been doing drag for thirteen years, and I don’t wear like the black lip liner, I don’t don’t do garage door eyeshadow no more. Now I have a crease I have some highlight, some contour lashes nails.

I mean I learned how to make myself look prettier. I think the mug got to the level of my performance, ‘Cause my performance was always real high. I’m a big girl that does a bunch of tricks and flips.

Making that nose look thinner, nice and thin. We’re moving on to contour. My contour is usually a really dark dark brown, I think this one is deep ebony, ‘Deep Ebony’. I just use the cream to give me like a point of, what’s the word I’m looking for? I’m trying to sound smart, let’s just put it this way, we’re gon put this right here on my cheekbone.

Makes her look snatched. Oh see, see the difference? I don’t know if you can really see it, but see I how put that on my nose, looks a little more smooth more clean, I used to use black eyeshadow for my contour, and it looked like somebody punched me, in the side of my face and I bruised.

Ah all right now time to put on our powder. In all the spots where we put on our highlight. You see how greasy I look? The powder is to make sure you don’t look so greasy! And yes I’m going to powder over my brows, to just smooth out the color, so they’re not as dark.

And then we’re going to put on our Neutraset. Neutraset is a colorless powder, I know it shows up white right now, but it just shows up colorless, so the brown that I put on for my bass still is brown.

Then just dust all of it off. It is time to contour with powder. Take a dark brown powder. Oh look at that cheekbone! Oh y’all not ready! Yes! Look at that nose look at that nose bitch! Time for some highlight! You’re going to see me highlight like six times, in this video ’cause I like to be what, shiny! I also do it right above my lip, to bring out my cupids bow.

Then we put the rouge on, I’m going to cover up the first set of highlight, and now we’re going to add more highlight, on top of my rouge. Now we’re going to go back to our eyes, and add our black eyeshadow.

I’m still using black eyeshadow for my eyeliner. I try to get my lashes as close, to this little piece right here, where the end of the brush is. I wanted to wear nails on the show the whole time, but I wasn’t sure what all was going to be thrown at us.

And I didn’t want to be like, ‘Oh my god I’m kind of helpless.’ Cause you know with quick changes and stuff, I was like I cannot be trying to slide on pantyhose, real fast with stiletto nails. So now it’s time to move on to doing my lips.

Making them look all muah. I overdraw the top part of my lip. One part I was worried about doing, in front of all you lovely people, big ass lashes. And now I’m just adding some purple underneath, to blend it in with the top parts.

And the final step y’all! Is we’re going to put a little bit of this glitter gel on. A little bit here and a little tinch right in here. Yes the mug is beat the brows are on the lashes are stacked! It is time to go get dressed! All right y’all this is my entrance look.

I love it because this is the first time, that I walked into the room and I knew, a bitch was in the building! I’ll see y’all on the road muah kisses! Get into it the feathers ’cause she fly!


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