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WILL & SEDRIK – W.I.T.C.H. [Makeup tutorial] Una Fata

WILL & SEDRIK – W.I.T.C.H. [Makeup tutorial] Una Fata

Hello everyone, AliceYuric and Una Fata are with you, and this is our joint collaboration on the cartoon “W.I.T.C.H” (which I have not yet watched) Una came up with an idea, to transform into heroes, she is Will, I am Sedric, who would doubt it.

I am a man, we are all used to it, yes. And before we get started, head over to Una Fata’s channel, subscribe to her and watch her video about making makeup at Will and we’ll move on to my makeup … and yes, I know I’ve been gone for a long time.

So tonight there will be makeup on Sedric, here it is, you can see, yeah But it’s more of a contouring, oh my God, and how I’ve been reincarnated as male characters lately. To begin with, mask the eyebrows with a dense concealer, then to make them match the hair color Hmm, this is not enough, so we take the shadows .

.. um, well, something similar to my current color and smear. Yes, it will do. But I decide to darken the color a little. I recently fell in love with this contouring stick. We use a stick to draw the features for ourselves, in my case I just highlight them since I already look like a character and I just need to sharpen the face.

Previously, I did not like cream contouring, but then somehow I decided to try it and you know, the thing is not bad, the main thing is to be able to work with it and shade it. We also immediately draw light areas.

Well, I have that something always falls off my hands, but oh well As a result, it turns out, very good, not worse than dry shadows. With the eyes, I did not become very wise, but you need to highlight the eyes, even if you are making a male character.

In my case, I visually make the eye smaller and slightly narrower. I go through the growth of eyelashes with shadows. I darken it a little with darker shadows, also according to the growth of eyelashes.

Be sure to shade! Take a brown eyeliner and draw an arrow along the same eyelash growth. Here you can clearly see how you can reduce the eye. And yes, don’t forget about the corners! We go through the powder, fix our creamy contouring for the subsequent work with the face, yeah .

. With dry shadows I enhance the features, cheekbones, nose, it will not be superfluous Making an evil face, uuuuuu We shade our lips quite a bit with the same shadows, draw corners … Great, November is coming soon, and my mosquitoes fly, okay, I’m used to it, let’s continue.

To tell the truth, I did this makeup for about 30 minutes, but craft for a week! Damn it, I even had to sew for this. Yes, so let’s say thanks to Una, as it was her idea and I have no regrets, that he took such a part with her.

I hope you enjoyed everything. And we finish … well, yes, I broke it .. Finishing touches .. ready! Well, a bonus, another image of Sedric. Something like this .. Well, I’m shocked myself that I look like this character and maybe in the future I’ll do a full-fledged cosplay on him, but we’ll see.

And that’s probably all. I remind you, that this is our collaboration with Una Fata and that her makeup video for Will can be found on her channel. A link to her channel will be in the description under this video.

And I, in turn, want to add the following. In my life now there is a large blockage of orders and therefore I do not have enough time and energy to create makeup. I remember about you, I remember about the YouTube channel, I don’t abandon it, but unfortunately .

. well .. I must somehow earn some money. Hopefully things will get better soon. There will be a new video format soon, I’m preparing for it. And I hope that I will soon be able to continue the series of Winx makeup in the enchantix.

And now that’s all. Until then, until we meet again. And now everyone, see you soon.


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