Home Makeup Tutorials Winter Glam makeup tutorial using Australis Metallix eyeshadows.

Winter Glam makeup tutorial using Australis Metallix eyeshadows.

Winter Glam makeup tutorial using Australis Metallix eyeshadows.

hi guys welcome back to my channel so today I have for you Edwin Drood ghulam look it is inspired by the weather here in Victoria it’s freezing at the moment it’s really really becoming wintry so I thought this would be really nice with the cooler months it’s also featuring the Australis metallics cream eyeshadows I’ve posted a swatch overview video of these on my channel and another while ago and lots of you guys requested I do a tutorial so this is what I came up with if you’re interested to see how I do it just keep on watching but to start with I’m just going to apply under the Mac Paint Pot in the shade painter II all over my eyelid just act as a bit of base so the foundation I have used in my L’Oreal True Match I already got that Bob just to save a bit of time I’m in the shade and 3 which is that on there and that’s going to take my country on how let me keep and use this shade here as a crease color and just lightly on a big fluffy brush to buff out the crease doesn’t have to be too neat and that is gonna take this highlight you shimmery shade here from the contour palette and use it as an eye brow highlight just lightly to bring down the crease color and also to highlight my brow now you use some of my metallics eyeshadow in the shade Gold’s Gaga just on the outer corner and inner corner of the eye versus such a beautiful show to absolutely love these metal action is from Australis I do have a swatch video that I’ll link below if you guys haven’t seen that already so I’m just lightly popping that on with a brush and then I will go back in later with my finger to pack on the color more so once you’ve done that to both eyes you think of going with the shade and the guns and rose petals which is a beautiful sort of walk champagne silvery shade and I’m just going to take that on my ring finger and just pop that in the center of my eyelid these are definitely best apply these videos you get the best color pale then just go back in with your fluffy blending brush and lightly buff out the edges to make sure it’s nice and seamless we will be going back in with that anther shade of the metals as well so don’t be too worried if it’s not blended up perfectly at this stage so I’m just going to go back in with that Gold’s Gaga shade and just pop that on line and ring finger again and just tap it on the outer corners blending into that I’m gonna very split of shade now it’s going to go in and clean up my under eye area with my dad’s ready creamy concealer you see seeing the shake vanilla it’s going to use that quite heavily under the eyes and on the cheeks aren’t you to highlight also John the Nerds on machine and on my forehead too then it’s going to take a foundation brush and blend that all together then just give the tight cuts left in these select yellow Shadia and set my under eye concealer in any areas are highlighted with a real techniques setting brush for the rest of my face I’m then going to take my one of my favorite how does it which is the Australis fresh and flawless in the shade deep natural just going to push that all over my face to set everything in place I love this powder also gives me a little bit more extra coverage which I really like next gonna take another metallic eyeshadow in the shaded which is a nice all of the golds green color we’re just going around that along my bottom lash line just for a bit of about as Deb and spa from Enoch wanna highlight I’m going to go back to the metallics guns and rose petals and just take a little bit on a pencil brush and pop that on my inner corner to highlight my eyes I might have a key a bit larger this is such a gorgeous show notice lovin the mascara I’ve got my trusty masterpiece maps transform which I’m just going to apply a few coats to the top and bottom lashes for bronzer I’m gonna take my nude by nature and press to mineral bronzer in the shade or doesn’t have straight I think it’s just matte bronze it’s gonna pop that in the hollows of my cheeks turning up towards my temples for pleasure I’ve got my all-time favorite oh by Milani I absolutely love this one it tends to go as every makeup look just popping that on the apples and sweeping upwards to keep it nice and easy now for highlight I will go in with my mary-lou manizer by the balm again one of my all-time favorites I absolutely love but that this one is so finely milled and it’s so douchey Marie I’m just going to pop that on the same brushes on the top of my cheekbones I’m also going to take that down the center of my nose and on my Cupid’s bow and a little bit on my chin then just take your powder brush and blend everything together but brows I’m just going to keep it nice and easy use my L’Oreal um for our plumper this is in the shade belonged I absolutely love this as well definitely another new favorite product of my been using it every day sometimes just this alone with our pencil or powder like I’m doing today from more sort of natural look but still pretty polished so rude for having like lazy day to copy both of doing it the lips I’m going to go for an astrologer lure lips I’m not sure what shade I think I’m going to go this one for something different try something dark and family come into autumn winter so see how it goes I actually haven’t tried this before so be a bit of a first impressions it’s in the shade Dubai if they’ve just to lighten it up in the center of it I’m going to type that other one in Shanghai which isn’t that sort of be sure a font color I’m just going to double it without in the center thank you so much for watching you guys that’s the end of the video if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to hit subscribe leave me comment down below your favorite Astral’s product I’m really liking the brand so I’d love to try out some new products so let me know your thoughts and I’ll see you next time bye


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