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Winter Glow Makeup Tutorial | Engaged

Winter Glow Makeup Tutorial | Engaged

– What’s up guys. You probably recognize this beautiful face. – Stop it. – Back on the job with my girl. – Hey guys. – how ya doing? Yeah. – Emma Willis is here. – Hello. – The glow queen herself. – Thank you.

– That’s you. – I like that title. – We like doing that glowy everyday look, but I feel like people kinda get scared of that summer glow in the winter. – Yes. – That is crazy. – They shouldn’t, don’t.

– You shouldn’t. So, today we’re gonna do a winter summer glow. So I’m fresh face right now. – And think of the winter cooler months. Skin gets drier, so I love to really give it that glow from within, before the makeup.

– Prepping is so important. – It’s all about skin prep guys. I love it. Today I’m going to be doing super rich repair, by Dermilogica. – We like to moisturize the crap out of our skin. And this is what I use actually every night and every morning anyways, so I found it from you, actually.

– So. – Okay. – Oh. (embarrassed laughs) The funny thing is I feel like I’ve learned so many things, from Emma doing my makeup, to the point where I feel like I have the entire routine down. I do my makeup myself every single day, basically.

– She doesn’t need me anymore. – I do because for some reason I will do the exact same thing that you do but my makeup never stays the whole day. So what is your secret? – I couldn’t tell you the secret because then everyone will know.

– I think you, – And my job will be obsolete. – I swear to you guys, there’s something magical in her hands because I literally do the same thing. No, but seriously why is that when I do my makeup it doesn’t last all day? – I get asked this a lot, actually.

It’s all about layering. That’s the technique; layering, layering, layering. People sometimes think that when I say something like that, when people think of layers, they think. – Caking it on. – Yes.

– And people don’t like that. – It’s very fine sheer thin layers and eventually that kind of just lends to it. Don’t use too many powders. – Right. – Like setting powders. So, now we’re doing lip balm.

I love to prep the lips at the beginning of the makeup. And this is Intensive Lip Repair treatment by Elizabeth Arden. Love this. – [JoJo] So good. I sleep with this too because I always just try to lather up my entire skin at night, I feel like in the winter.

– Do you sleep with the jar of this by your head? – It’s literally on my nightstand. It’s the greatest ever. A funny thing I get asked this all the time it’s when I was on The Bachelor, when you’re one of 25 girls you do your own hair and make up and it’s kind of a nightmare.

– I couldn’t think of anything worse. – It’s literally. – I’m doing eye cream while you, continue to that story. – Yeah. – Is that the Banana, what is it? – Banana Bright Eyes. – Did you use this on me before? – Yeah yeah I’ve used this, yeah – Oh, okay cool.

– This is great stuff. – What does that do? – It gives you brightness. – We need that. – Brightness in a jar. – All day long. – Banana Bright Eyes, need I say anymore? – I did my own hair and makeup when I was on Ben’s season of The Bachelor.

I like doing my own hair and makeup, so it wasn’t a problem for me. But, when I was the bachelorette, I did have a makeup artist. She’s been with the show. Her name is Gina. She is amazing. But I did do my own hair the entire season.

So, I didn’t have any help with that. I’m very particular about my makeup artist too because I feel like when you know how do your own makeup, it’s very hard to let somebody else do it. So, they have to be the best.

– She’s very particular. I remember one of the first times we met, as well. I don’t think you remember. – Was I being, was I crazy? – We did some tan. I bronzed her up. – Was I being crazy? – No, I just remember you being like, I’m really tan.

(joyous laughter) – And I was like, I think I’m too tan, which is crazy to say. – Yes, you was like, I think I’m too tan. And I was like, it’s OK, you’re good. – You know there’s a fine line. – OK, so next step is going to be foundation.

– Oh, I wanna show them the Vita Liberata. I love this stuff and I wanna show y’all this particular product because when I am not tan, or when I feel like I need a good little glow this stuff is amazing and it literally changes your whole life.

– It seriously, it’s like magic in a bottle. – I love this stuff so much. – Guys, and girls, anyone out there you need this in your, – Guys? – Guys. – Oh yeah, OK guys. – Guys like makeup. – (joyous laughter) – This is, hence what it’s called, Body Blur.

People will be like “Oh how can I use it, on my face as well?” – We do. – We do. You’ve got to be very careful with the face because it is designed for the body as well. – And it’s thick. – That’s the thing.

It’s thick and it’s very very luminous. – When we went to the Victoria Secret fashion show there’s a photo of Beck and I where you see our legs and so many people we like, “What is on your legs to make them not smooth and shiny?” It’s this stuff.

This is not a product endorsement. Just know this is all genuine stuff that we love. – Yeah it tells you. We’re gonna do that when we need to glow, so we’re gonna bronze her up a little bit. I like to use the latte definitely around the parameters of the face and around the neck.

– I wouldn’t recommend maybe using this one on your skin everyday because I think I have noticed when I use the body blur one, – Yeah. – The one for your body on my face a lot, I do feel a little congestion.

– Oh – So that’s why I think this face one is probably better for day to day. – Yeah definitely, this one here. – Yeah. – And this can be used alone, or under foundation. – Foundation yeah. Let’s do it.

– So I’m just using a big buffing brush and I’m buffing it in my hand and then whirling around first, and then I’m just going to buff it in. – It’s like you went on a holiday vacation to Bali and you came back and everyone’s really jealous of your glow.

– I like that. – I like it to. – Bali – Perk tip, but I’ve never even been to Bali. – Nor have I, let’s go. – We need to go. Well, sorry, continue. – Also, as well, girls and guys out there. Tips and trick and things like this.

Always remember to buff the ear areas and around the neck. This is only creaming product as a bronzing product that I would put around the neckline. Normally, I would only go in around the neck and the ear area around the jawline with a powder bronzer.

– Why that? – You don’t want makeup, – Oh – Per say. You know foundations and too heavily, – Yeah. – You’re just putting creams around the neck area. Another tip is, really stand back. People do their makeup in the mirror and their really close, – So close, yeah.

– I always advise people to stand back from the mirror and look at kinda your face and neck and arm areas. – And in natural light. – Yes, as much as you can. – Cause the bathroom mirror, – Yeah, yeah.

– The lighting in your bathroom obviously is so different that natural daylight. (guitar music) – As you can see, we have just prepped the skin. And sometimes, girls, a little bit of blush now to this and the gloss.

– You look healthy. – Healthy. – A healthy peachy, – Glowing. – Pink glow. – Yeah, I like that. – Now, I’m going to add a little bit of blush. I’m going to use, this Elizabeth Arden’s cool glow. This is Berry Rush.

You can actually use this on the lips. I usually use this on the lips. – I like that a lot. – Actually, on you, I’ve used this on the lips before. And it gives that kind of finish with an iridescence to it, as well.

Smile. And then you add it to that flush. And the coral one I’ve used on you, as well. The coral one’s good. And I use my fingers. You can use a brush for this, as well. Again, remember the layers, guys, layering, layering – Layering.

– And still, you can see JoJo’s skin. You can still see skin. (guitar music) The colors all pick up through the layers. – Also a side note, guys, whenever your makeup artist is also your friend, just tack on like an hour to the time that it takes to finish because, – Or two.

– We might be here for a while. – Grab a cup of tea. – Sit down, hang out. – Be seated, hang out. Come chill with us. – There’s a few foundations I love and they’re my staples in my kit, but I absolutely love Aqua Luminous by Becca cosmetics.

– I have a lot of freckles, and I like my freckles they’re kind of on my nose and cheek, but I don’t like them to always show through around my mouth or my forehead per say. So, this also is buildable to where you can show through some freckles that you want and you can also cover them which is great.

– And then I’m gonna put it down the T-zone area and then with a beauty blender buff out. And you guys you’ve gotta remember to really drench the beauty blenders. I can’t stress enough, wet these. – And then just squeeze it under the water a ton of times to kinda just get it to really absorb.

– Keep squeezing it, – Yeah. – And squeezing it. And then I’m gonna, I like to pat. Pat and dab, that’s also another technique of mine. Pat and dab. – So explain the pat and dab method, Emma. – I just find the whole rubbing things in, – Abrasive.

– Abrasive. I think a lot of people forget that, also in skin prep they’ll get moisturizers and balms and stuff and they just rub it all over their face. And actually, it’s kind of really not giving any effect at all.

You’ve gotta kinda warm it in your finger tips and pat it. (guitar music) OK, so on to concealer. I’m going to underneath the eye area. I’m going to kind of do a little color corrector with medium to deep eye brightener before I go in with the Nars concealers.

These are great. – Cause it’s an early morning, you guys. And I have dark circles. Are they bad right now? – They’re not too bad. But sometimes you need to, – That was her being very nice. – Sometimes you need to, in this area here, and just use that in the corner of the eye, just give that color corrector the chance to work it’s, – Magic? – Magic.

You need to counteract blue, grayness area of this with a more peach, warmer peach color before you go in with the yellowy concealers. – This is the part that I think Emma does that I obviously don’t do day to day ’cause I’m so quick in the mornings.

I like, jupe jupe, jupe. and that’s probably why yours is better. – And around the nose, those red broken capillaries, Rosened eyes, the redness around here. And then around the mouth area, as well. And remember guys, there’s great variations at drug stores CVS, Rite Aid; like Maybelline, Lo’real do some really good foundations and concealers.

And a good little tip, as well, even just really good orange or red or berry lipstick works great as a whole look. – Before I met you I never would have thought that I could take a lip gloss and use it on my lips, on my cheeks, on my eyes, and it’s like a one stop shop.

So get a really pretty pinkish color and you can use it anywhere. (guitar music) – Back to the layering, again. Now I’m going to go in again with a little bit more of the Berry Rush just on top. – Jackson’s tired.

– Jackson’s tired, but he agrees. He agrees with this. – The layers. – OK, so, next stop, I also love using I call this as one stop shop. So you can do the whole face. So I’m going in with a bronze bond eye and now I’m literally just kind of going in to the high temples and the forehead.

People sometimes forget the forehead section and that’s like a real, tell tell. It’s nice to know that you can do a face with not having to use so many brushes. You can really get by with just using a couple of brushes and your fingers, seriously, you can.

– Another thing that I use to not do is clean my own makeup brushes really ever. And then just think about all the bacteria and crap that’s sitting on them. – Did you not? – I would clean them, but not that often.

– OK. – This was years ago, I swear. – Okay, yeah. – She’s like very upset with me by this. What do you use to clean your brushes? What’s an easy thing? You use, sometimes, just Pantene Pro-V shampoo.

– I shampoo and condition my brushes, – Yeah. – I’ve have done for years. I spritz them with alcohol first and then I will use shampoo and conditoner. – I use shampoo on my beauty blenders, – Look up.

– to clean them. Just think about what’s sitting on those brushes if you haven’t cleaned them. (guitar music) – OK, I’m going to go in with winter berry I’ve done the cream. A tinted cream blush underneath.

And then you want to sort of dab and sort of brush up, and you’ve kind of brought that sort of wintery flush of color on the cheeks. – Think about all the faces you make in the mirror when you’re doing your makeup, your mascara.

Smile. – Oh, yeah. – There’s so many different moves. – The mascara one’s the best, when you go. – Why do we do that? – Who would do that? Everyone needs to have a small fan brush to do mascara. I’ll show you that when we get on to mascara.

Now we’re gonna go on with the eyes. Again, I’m using the same palette and with that bronzing powder that I went into I’m actually gonna go into the sockets of the eyes. Again, thinking of that monochromatic finish and look.

Pat it, buff it, and swirl it. – Is there any little trick to? – Well, you want a light touch. – Light touch, okay. – A light touch, and you want to really swirl it around. Really swirl those bristles around.

– Oh boy, he’s back. OK, hi Jackson. – Jackson just wants makeup. – He just busted in. We have an electronic dog door in this house so he’s definitely utilizing it. – Some people just forget too, cause they just don’t know really, you know.

If you don’t know, you don’t know, do you? Until you know. – And now you know. – And now you might know. (both laughing) – Oh boy. – Anyway, you want to bring the color right out to sort of where that brow bone, at the end of the brow is.

– This is the part that’s the hardest for me too, guys. So, if you’re trying this at home and it’s not lookin right, I am there with you. – OK, with a smaller more dense brush, look up I’m actually going to bring that all below the lash.

The same bronzer that I’ve used. – So for me, personally, I don’t love eyeliner on my bottom waterline. – Yeah. – I feel like if you do black liner sometimes, in the water line, it makes your eyes look smaller.

(music) – I love thin, brow pencils. JoJo’s brows look great, so I go why don’t I just pluck in certain areas, and then a clear brow gel to really brush up the brows. – Does anyone else have one bad brow? I have one brow that really good.

And then I have one that’s the weaker, – Yeah. – sibling to it. – They’re sisters, not clones. – Exactly. – That’s life. – Is that just me. – No. – OK. (guitar music) – Brow gel, guys and gals. – Fluff up those brows, baby.

– Fluff up, fluff up. – Remember the days when skinny little eyebrows were a thing and we tweezed the crap out of our eyebrows – Oh my gosh. – when we’re younger. – I’m not even sure if they were a thing.

– I don’t know, but I did it. – I think people just, oh my gosh, yeah. – And now, the fuller the messier that I can get my eyebrows to grow, I want them to grow like that. – Oh my, yes. – It’s so funny.

– Brows are such a big thing for your face, they give it a shape. – Brows have had such a huge moment in the last couple of years. – Yeah. – Brows have made a name for themself. – They have. – Wow, good for the brow.

– Yeah. – This, because of all the layering that we’re doing, this will literally last me all day into the night. And then if I need to jazz it out with a plum sort of lip, layer on some more mascara to give it a more dramatic look.

And then, literally I’m set. – OK, now I’m using a fan brush. And I love to do the mascara with these brushes. – Why do you do that? I don’t do that. – I like these because you can really get into the top of the roots with the lash.

– This is where I’m staring at her soul. – Yeah. – And she doesn’t even know it. – I’m just focused on those lashes. – Oh. It’s okay, it’s okay. – Mascara’s often added to hair, I wouldn’t worry about it actually that’s a good tip.

So guys and girls– – If you have gray roots. – Yes. – Thank God I don’t. – A dark brown mascara, not black. Don’t use black, unless you’ve got jet black hair. – So we have a totally other episode we can get to.

(guitar music) – With a Q-tip, I’m just going to take a little bit of a balm. And smile. And then I’m just going to take off any kind of residue that’s on the lip. – Just that my natural lip color comes through.

– Smile. I’m actually going to add a tiny little bit of the Berry Rush. – This is the stuff she used on my cheeks earlier. – Yeah. – So like I said she’s using the same product, which is great. – Extra sheen just on your hand or with a little bit of the balm or something like that, you can just pat on to the high points.

– Do I look like I just got back from Bali? Did we nail it? Alright, Emma’s going to be doing her touch ups, but thank you guys, so much, for tuning in. Make sure you guys subscribe. And I will see y’all next time.

– Bye. (guitar music)


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