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WOW vs MAMA EARTH shampoo which is Best? | English Subtitles | Not sponsored | Shadhik Azeez

WOW vs MAMA EARTH shampoo which is Best? |  English Subtitles | Not sponsored | Shadhik Azeez

WOW Onion Shampoo Vs Mamaearth Onion Shampoo! Which one is best among these two?! In this video, am gonna do a direct comparison to find which one is best among these two shampoos! This is not at all a paid promotion! I bought both of these with my own money! It is much cheaper as it is a trial pack! But, this one costs 350 rupees! And this review will be like.

.. if a customer is buying and using a shampoo, After using it for a few days, that customer will be giving a genuine review of whether the shampoo is good or not! So, I’ll also be doing the same kind of review as a customer! So, it’s entirely gonna be my personal customer review! Already I have uploaded a video for best shampoo.

.. and I wouldn’t have listed both of these shampoos in that video! That is because of the bad reviews of both the shampoos! When you look at the reviews of both the shampoos on Amazon, Flipkart, or any other websites.

.. I think they have many positive reviews on Flipkart… but I’m not sure if they were paid-reviews! We mustn’t say without knowing about it! But both have thousands of negative reviews on Amazon! Because of that reason, I didn’t list both the shampoos in the best shampoo video! But still, both of these shampoos always have a clash that which one is best! So, I thought to buy and personally use both.

.. and suggest the best of these two shampoos! First, let me tell you the positive similarities between these two shampoos! Both these shampoos are completely free from harsh chemicals… They don’t have any harmful chemicals like paraben, sulfate, silicone, titanium dioxide, and disodium EDTA! This Mamaearth 250ml shampoo costs 350 rupees.

.. and similarly, WOW 250ml shampoo is also priced at 350 rupees! But, one positive thing about WOW is that… You can get a trial pack like this… You can get the trial pack with both shampoo and conditioner for 79 rupees! But it has only 30ml that can be used just for a week.

.. You may use it for 8-9 days and not more than that! I have used both the shampoos for a week… It lasted for a week which is a good thing… I think it can’t be used for 8-10 days as only a small quantity is left! If you’re buying the same size bottle in WOW, then both cost the same i.

e. 350 rupees! Not only the rates but also 95% of the ingredients are similar! The major difference between these two shampoos is, This one looks transparent like water… and will tell you why is it so! And, this one will be slightly white! If you are asking, why they have a color difference though 95% of the ingredients are similar?! That is because of the preservatives they have used in it! They have used preservatives like Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, and Phenoxyethanol! But in this, they have only used Potassium Sorbate as a preservative! Potassium Sorbate will be almost white in color and so it may have got that white color! Though this one has Potassium Sorbate, it has a higher amount of Phenoxyethanol and Sodium Benzoate which are completely colorless, and because of that reason, it may look transparent like water.

.. Other than that, both of them have the same ingredients! Let me show you so that you may also check it! Another difference between these two is the fragrance… WOW shampoo has the common fragrance which is mostly used in all other shampoos! But, we can’t say the fragrance is too worst.

.. and it is somewhat mild and good! But in the case of Mamaearth, they have added a complete allergy free plant-based fragrance! According to me, Mamaearth is milder than WOW by considering the preservatives as well as the fragrance! Mamaearth shampoo is still milder than WOW shampoo in another aspect also and I’ll prove it live now! I got heavy foam while using WOW.

.. They have added the same ingredients for foaming in Mamaearth… But, it doesn’t form that much foam! Will show you a live demo now! I have completely wet my hair… First, am gonna apply this WOW onion shampoo for my hair! As I said, you can see that it is transparent! Now, am applying it for my hair! You can now clearly see that it lathers well, they have added high quantity of foaming agent.

.. Though it’s a mild chemical, they must have maximized the quantity… and so, it lathers heavily! This heavy foaming will strip off the natural oil from your hair… which means that your hair will become slightly dry.

.. You might have known if you have used this! After using it, I have clearly seen that it has made my hair dry! and that is because of the heavy foaming! Now will wash my hair completely… Will again apply Mamaearth shampoo and show you! The same foaming agent that they added in WOW is used in this also! Am gonna apply this for my hair.

.! You shall see the live results… You can see that it doesn’t lather much… Many may think negatively that you bought it for 350 rupees but it doesn’t even lather well… But, please don’t think so! If it forms less foam, then it’s good for your hair! Personally, I like shampoos that produce less foam! It won’t dry out your hair in any way.

.. and it completely keeps your hair smooth! It protects the natural shine of your hair… And also, it provides good nourishment for your hair! Above all, this shampoo has a plant-based keratin… and so your hair gets a good shine and nourishment.

.. and makes your hair softer too! Many may think as if this shampoo is too mild that it doesn’t even remove the hair oil… But, shampoos should be actually like that only and that is the safest… so that your hair will be good for a longer time! Now, I have used it and shown you the live results as well.

.. and also explained to you about foaming, fragrance, etc., Now, will give the final conclusion of my personal review as a customer… If you ask, “Which one is the best among these two shampoos?” To be very frank, Mamaearth is best when compared to WOW.

.. It doesn’t mean that this brand didn’t pay and the other brand has paid me! Am doing genuine videos by investing my own money! But still, the main reason for choosing Mamaearth is… though they have used the same ingredients in both, Mamaearth shampoo produces less foam and so I feel it to be milder than WOW! And at the same time, the plant keratin added in it provides a good shine and nourishment for my hair.

.. and makes my hair smoother as well! It is not removing the natural oils from the hair in any way! Thus, when comparing both, Mamaearth is the best! Trust me that you don’t need to use any conditioner after washing your hair using this shampoo.

.. as this shampoo itself acts as a natural conditioner… Instead of saying it a shampoo, you can say it as a mild hair cleanser! If you are using WOW Shampoo, then surely you will be in need of applying a conditioner as it lathers heavily.

.. and at the same time, I can openly say that it will make your hair slightly dry! Mamaearth’s conditioner is also available but, I don’t recommend buying it… as this shampoo itself provides good hair conditioning and also cleanses well.

.. but, it doesn’t make your hair dry! I can openly say that you don’t need a conditioner if you’re using this shampoo! Will leave the link of both the shampoos in the description below! If you find this video useful.

.. and if you were in a confusion that which one to buy from these two products… and if you got clarity after watching this video… then, you can use the link to buy the desired product! As far as I have used these products personally as a customer, I felt that Mamaearth is better than WOW.

.. as it is milder and suits well for my hair! I’m in Instagram also… so, you can follow me there! Have started posting many updates on Instagram as well! And at the same time, if you’re watching our channel without subscribing, please do subscribe and watch:) Our channel is going to reach 2 lakh subscribers which is really a big thing! Only 4000 subscribers are left! So, please do subscribe so that we will reach 2 lakh soon:) And will soon make a Q&A video for you all! Hope this video was helpful to you guys! See you all in another useful video! Until then, it’s bye from shadhik! Stay Strong! Stay Positive!


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