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Hey guys, it’s Liz, and welcome back to my channel!
 Today I wanted to try a fun, yellow look. Starting with the Covergirl concealer in porcelain, I’m priming my eyelids for eyeshadow.

 I’m gonna set this concealer today with the Maybelline Fit Me powder.

The yellow shadow I’m using is by MAC Cosmetics. I’ll have all my products listed down below. I’m just packing that onto my lid to get the maximum color payoff. Then, I’m using the Essence Primer to prime my face for a bunch of concealer.

Sometimes instead of foundation, I feel I have more control and coverage with a combination of concealers. 

I put the lighter concealer on the inner portion of my face and the darker concealer on the outer portion.

Then, I set my highlight with the Maybelline Fit Me powder so that it lasts. Going in with the Rico Nasty x IL Makiage palette, I’m taking this neon orange and applying it onto the outer portion of my eyes.

Then I’m blending the whole look together with this beautiful mustard shade in this Ace Beaute palette. For brows I’m using this powder duo to lightly fill them in. The eyeliner I’m using is the gel eyeliner from Inglot cosmetics and I’m actually using a paintbrush to apply my eyeliner today.

For blush I’m using this Colourpop blush in this bright pink shade and I’m focussing it on the outer portions of my cheeks and up towards my temples. After I curl my lashes, I prime them with some Essence “What the Fake” mascara before applying false lashes.

And after I start to put the yellow around my face I decided that I totally did not like the lip look that I tried so I wiped it off and switched it to a nude (which, I know, it’s not as fun). But I love the look! I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

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