Home Makeup Tutorials Zendaya’s Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial with Makeup Artist Sheika Daley | THR

Zendaya’s Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial with Makeup Artist Sheika Daley | THR

Zendaya’s Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial with Makeup Artist Sheika Daley | THR

(upbeat music) – Today, we’re gonna be recreating one of Zendaya’s signature looks. So, Zendaya likes a really nice subtle smokey eye. We do it in different variances. Sometimes, we’ve done it really, really dramatic.

Sometimes, we’ve done some really soft ones. So, today I’m gonna kinda go like, in between. It’s not gonna be super dramatic but it’s not gonna be super soft either. I’m gonna start with a black eyeliner.

You can use any brand, a coal, soft eyeliner. And I’m just gonna go in the top of her eyelids. Doesn’t have to be clean, just enough so that we get a lot of the coal pencil on there, and this coal pencil is gonna act as a base for the smokey eye that we’re gonna do.

So now, I’m just gonna take a flat brush and just blend that outwards and upwards into the crease area. Not going all the way up into her crease area, but as close to it as I possibly can. By the time you get to the crease area, it should kind of fade out completely.

Blending is always key with a smokey eye. The more you blend, the better it’ll look. Nice, now she’s got a nice base to start with. With the same brush now, or whatever’s left on it, I’m just gonna kind of sweep it underneath her eye, give her some dimension underneath the bottom.

This one is like, a brown shimmery eyeliner. I’m gonna line the inside of her waterline with this instead of using a traditional black. This makes it a little bit softer, but still giving definition. And now, on top of the eye shadow, gonna take this Lancome shadow and this’ll help brighten right on the center of the lids.

And at night time, this will give the smokey look and make it look sort of wet. And I’m just blending this out until it disappears. And then, I’m gonna take just a little bit of it and just place it right in the center of the bottom.

This’ll help open up the eyes, so even though you’re doing a smokey, you can do this cute little trick, and it’ll really brighten you up. Then, I’m gonna take the same color, and we’re just gonna go right in the corners.

What’s cool about doing it this way is that you’re able to create different shades with one color. So, it looks like she’s got maybe two or three colors on, but it’s just one, but the way that it’s layered over the liner, it creates a little bit of a dimension, making it look like as if she’s got on different shades.

And I’m just gonna blend this out. I’m gonna add a coat of mascara, and then give her two coats. I’m doing one now. And the best way to apply this mascara, or any mascara for that matter, is you start from the roots and you wiggle back and forth until you get to the top.

This will distribute the mascara evenly and give you really feathery, beautiful lashes. Now, I’m just gonna do the bottom. I’m gonna take the top part of the mascara, and get her beautiful bottom lashes.

And then, she’s got beautiful brows already, so I’m not gonna fill them in too much. I don’t think she really needs much filling in. But I like to use this brow styler, which will help to set them and keep them in place for the rest of the day.

She’s got beautiful brows, there’s no need to add any extra color or fill ins. I’m gonna finish the look off though with a little lip gloss. Just gonna apply a little here, and now she’s ready for a night out on the town.

Quick, simple, beautiful, smokey look. (upbeat music)


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