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ZOOM Tutorial for Beginners 2021 | How to use ZOOM – #StartYouTubeWithDemocreator

ZOOM Tutorial for Beginners 2021 | How to use ZOOM – #StartYouTubeWithDemocreator

This is a step-by-step Zoom Tutorial for beginners  plus a quick guide on how i use wondershare demo   creator to create this tutorial not only this  i will share details on how you can win canon   PowerShot sx420 and that’s not enough i have  a special discount coupon for wondershare demo   creator and free license as well so watch this  video full as you are going to gain a lot from   this single tutorial video hello folks welcome  back to WM Originals myself Akhil back with   another video and today i will share a tutorial  on how to get started with zoom.

Zoom is a free   video conferencing software that is simple to  setup and easy to use for all skill levels this   software allows you to use your phone tablet or  computer to host or join online video conferences   so let’s get started with this tutorial but  before i start let’s open wondershare demo   creator and set it up as that is what  i am going to use to make this tutorial   click on start and go to wondershare from there  click on demo creator to open it click on record   and by clicking on this settings icon we can setup  the area of screen to record change audio settings   from here set up your webcam if you want to use  that there are some advanced settings such as   change directory to save output save shortcut case  for various features including screen drawing and   spotlight settings click on capture to save  preferences and then we are back to screen   recorder click on record and now recording starts  and now let’s move back to our tutorial for zoom   here we are on official website of zoom zoom  dot us zoom is a free radio conferencing   software but does have some restrictions on its  free plan so let’s click on plans and pricing   to look into different zoom plans the free  plan provides a video chatting service that   allows up to 100 participants concurrently  with a 40 minute time restriction and if   your requirements are higher than this you can  always go for pro business or enterprises plan   let’s click on this to sign up for free enter  your date of birth here and then click on continue   we can always sign up using our email account  but we can also use Facebook or Gmail account   let’s use Gmail to make it faster select the  account you want to use thereafter click on create   account here is zoom dashboard from here we can  check our feature meetings webinars we can also   use outlook plugin or chrome extension to schedule  our meetings directly through calendar app   if you have not yet downloaded zoom application  you can always do it by clicking on host a meeting   and then selecting any of these let’s click on  with video off and then install it downloads   click on it to install installation process  starts follow it to install once completed   it opens a pop-up window for zoom meeting from  here click on join audio conference by computer   from here we can mute ourselves if you want to  we can also turn on or off our video from here from here we can check the number  of participants in a zoo meeting   by clicking on the chat option we can text other  parts friends in the meeting with screen share we   can not just share our screen but can also use  whiteboard or click on this iPhone iPad option   to share iPhone or iPad screen let’s share  our computer screen for that select screen   and click on share thereafter whatever we do on  our screen will be shared with other participants   using this one can share a quick how to  tutorial presentation or whatever they want to   once we are done click on stop share click  on reactions to share emoji if you want to   as i am the host of this meeting by simply  clicking on this end call button i can end   meeting for all or click on leave meeting to end  it for myself this is how we can control zoom   meeting using meeting controls and how easy  it is to use zoom application of windows pc   hope i covered the basics to let you all  understand how to host a meeting on zoom   and control your zoom conference if you want  me to make a more detailed tutorial on the sim   share our views in comments give this video a  thumbs up if you liked it now let’s go back to   demo creator recording control and stop recording  by clicking on this stop button it opens up demo   creator video editor from here we can trim our  recording just right click on it and choose split   and then we can also delete a part of recording  simply by clicking on delete button on keyboard   we can add transition facts let’s add gesture by  going to sticker panel and then from drop down   menu select Gestures let’s add this simple  click gesture drag and drop it to timeline   we can also resize or move it on the  screen to place it where we want to   we can add green screen effect as well  and do some more edits if required   and once we are done click on export to extract  video enter production name entering zoom tutorial   from here we can change output resolution and can  change audio settings as well and not only this   we can directly upload this video to YouTube  from here click on YouTube and sign in to your   YouTube account and enter other details to  upload it directly on your YouTube channel   i will extract on local drive and now  click on export to start exporting   and once export completes you can upload your  tutorial to YouTube same as me you are watching   this on YouTube this is how easy it is to use  wondershare demo creator to create a tutorial   now coming to computation details and  how you can win canon PowerShot sx420   there is a wondershare demo creator campaign going  on to be a youtuber with demo creator you can also   participate in the same and win some prizes  for yourself and let’s visit official webpage   to participate in this competition just create  a video using demo creator share it on YouTube   with hashtag start YouTube with demo creator  this competition will go until 23rd of may   how to win visit this official webpage click  on sign in or create wondershare account   fill your YouTube channel name enter your  channel link and subscribe to wondershare   demo creator on YouTube and then click on  submit by participating in this competition   you can not only win canon PowerShot sx420 but  can also win zoom smooth access gimbal stabilizer   and one year free licenses as well not only this  there are weekly prices to be won not only this   based on video quality participant can join KOC  Project and get featured on demo creators website   the just for this video will be your own video  and its quality and popularity and your creativity   i am going to participate in this competition  by demo creator what about you if you also want   to make a tutorial share it on YouTube  using start YouTube with demo creator   now coming to special discount coupon you will get  a special 20 discount by using this special code   and wait this is not the end you can also  get 14 days free lessons for yourself   check the link in description and pin comment  as well want to know how to get your free   license watch this video from my channel this  is what i had in this video hope you liked it   do share this video and if i reach 50k views i  may come up with special giveaway in next video   don’t forget to subscribe to WM Originals  and Wondershare DemoCreator YouTube channel   as well thanks for watching bye bye have  a nice day see you all in the next video.


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